Can You Use Human Supplements For Dogs?

It is generally not recommended to use human supplements for dogs. Even when the active ingredients are safe for dogs, the dosage is usually very different than for humans (actually, it is often higher for dogs).

The best dog supplements are especially formulated to meet the special requirements of the canine species… and in the right dosage.

But First... Do Dogs Really Need Supplements?

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Dogs generally require the same nutrients that we humans do. And like us, they should get most of the nutrients they need from their food, i.e. if they are on a good balanced diet.

Still like us, they can sometimes benefit from supplementing their diets. For example, if your dog suffers from joint problems or canine hip dysplasia, has dog allergy, dog skin diseases, etc.

Are Human Supplements Safe For Dogs?

Some human supplements can be safe for dogs but others are not. In worst cases, they may be fatal for your dog. Even when the ingredients are safe as such, what is the safe dosage for your dog? For example, iron and zinc are not safe for dogs and too much calcium can make your dog very ill.

Even if you know the right dosage, should you use human supplements for dogs?

Both humans and dogs benefit from taking Glucosamine for joint problems. Therefore, you could ask your Vet to recommend the safe dosage of human Glucosamine for dogs and share your Glucosamine bottle with your pooch.

Using human Glucosamine for dogs with joint problems may be better than using no supplement. However, dog joint supplements include combination of active ingredients to maximize canine joint health and mobility.

Most dog joint supplements include Glucosamine and Chondroitin, as studies have shown that they work better together, i.e. improve each other's beneficial effects. The best dog joint supplement, like MaxxiFlex Plus, include other Beneficial Ingredients as well, e.g. Hyaluronic Acid and MSM.

The same applies about most other dog health problems that may benefit from taking supplements. The best supplements for dogs are formulated with their specific health needs in mind… and in the right dosage for your dog.

What's more, most dogs don't like taking pills, they don't like the smell or the taste. The best dog supplements are palatable for dogs, i.e. come with liver or chicken flavor.

If you are giving your dog any supplements, then it is usually safest, easiest, and most efficient to give him special dog supplement. It may also be the most cost effective option when you take everything into consideration.

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