MaxxiDigest Plus

Because Pets Digestive Health Matters To Us

MaxxiDigest Plus is an advanced digestive and immune support formula for dogs and cats.

Why These Two Conditions in One Formula?

Because so much of the immune system is located in the gut. Bowel conditions are among the top 10 reasons why cat and dog owners bring their pets to the Vet. There is no question about it, pets digestive health really matters… healthier gut means healthier pet.

Why Are Bowel Conditions So Common In Pets Today

This is because our pets' diet, like our humans, has changed a lot in a relatively short time. The general nature of the ingredients in our pets' diet has changed drastically with commercial cat and dog food.

Meat is the most expensive ingredient and over the years, the ratio of animal protein in commercial pet food has been significantly reduced. It has been partly substituted with plant based (cheaper) protein, like soya bean. And partly with carbohydrates, like rice, potato, corn, and wheat.

You can only imagine what affect this change has had on our pets' digestive health!


Diet that is high in carbohydrate and plant protein and low in animal protein affects the acidity level (pH) in our pets' stomach, i.e. it becomes less acid.

This affects the digestive health of our pets. Digestion and emptying slows down, food bacteria is not destroyed as effectively as it should and the digestive enzymes loose function and are not able to break down bones as effectively as before (Vets All Natural).

And various (not so pleasant) digestive problems arise…

Which Digestive Conditions Can MaxxiDigest Plus Help With?

MaxxiDigest Plus is a therapeutic digestive formula for dogs and cats, i.e. it can be used for various digestive conditions in pets, like:

-          Intestinal Repair

-          Leaky Gut (Dysbiosis)

-          Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

-          Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

-          Gastrointestinal Disorders (GI Disorders)

-          Restore GI Balance

-          Stomach Ulcers (Heliobacter Pylori)

-          Chronic Enteropathies

-          Atopic Dermatitis

-          Yeast Infections

-          Post-Surgical Infections (like MRSA)

-          Food Allergy

-          Flatulence

-          Antibiotic Therapy

-          Acute Infections Diarrhea

-          Hormonal Balance

Most pet owners choose to continue with MaxxiDigest after they have gotten their pet's digestions imbalance and immune system under control.

It is recommended to double the dosage of MaxxiDigest Plus for the first few weeks while getting the condition under control. It can then be reduced to the recommended maintenance dose.


So Is MaxxiDigest Plus Only For Pets With Digestive Problems?

No. There is no question that MaxxiDigest Plus is effective for dogs and cats with previously mentioned digestive health problems.

But MaxxiDigest also benefits pets that are on medication for various other health conditions (as many medication causes stomach upset).

This is because MaxxiDigest Plus can be applied together with antibiotics treatment.

MaxxiDigest can therefore benefit sick pets on medication and those that have just undergone surgery. It is also great choice for senior pets. Cats and dogs metabolism tends to slow down with age, causing increasingly sensitive stomach and more frequent stomach upset.

Actually MaxxiDigest Plus is good for all pets as it supports general health and wellbeing… healthier gut means healthier pet.


What Makes MaxxiDigest Plus Different?

MaxxiDigest is much more than just probiotics. MaxxiDigest Plus is an advanced therapeutic formula that supports both the digestive and immune system in our pets… MaxxiDigest Plus is two formulas in one.

Actually, it is even more than that as the base used in MaxxiDigest offers its own health benefits to our pets. It contains antioxidants that are beneficial for the immune system and lignans that has hormone balancing properties.

What's more, by putting the digestive and restorative medicinal ingredients into certified organic seed fiber base of flax, sunflower and sesame (the prebiotics) we are improving the immune function by feeding the dog and cats intestinal flora. By doing so, the bacteria will flourish, cleaning up the environment and allowing better absorption of the medicinal ingredients in the formula as well as from the animals' food.MaxxiSAMe liver brain

So How Does MaxxiDigest Plus Work?

As always, it is all about the ingredients. MaxxiDigest contains mix of ingredients that have been specially selected for their roles in supporting the digestive and immune system in our pets. Ingredients that help to:

-          Restore digestive health

-          Promote healthy mucosal lining

-          Support a healthy gastrointestinal tract

-          Promote and enhances digestion

-          Offer diarrhea relief

-          Work as probiotic and prebiotic

-          Support normal gut permeability

-          Stabilize and maintain the right pH balance in the gut

-          Combat yeast infection and allergies

-          Help with food sensitivities

-          Support the immune system

-          Improve the hormone function 

So what are the specifically selected ingredients that support digestive and immune health?

The table explains briefly how each ingredient in MaxxiDigest works.


  How It Works


     Pediococcus acidilactici

  Probiotic, supports digestive and immune health


  Repairs the damaged intestinal mucosal barrier

     Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

  Maintains healthy connective tissue, allergy relief

     N-Acetyl-D–Glucosamine (NAG)

  Protects the lining of the stomach and intestines

     Fucus Vesiculosus

  Supports healthy thyroid function and metabolism


  Digestive aid and natural antihistamine


  Digestive aid and natural pain relief


  Supports for pancreatic disorders

     Vitis Vinifera

  Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergen and antioxidant


  Supports protein synthesis


  Beneficial for the heart function

     Chromium (Polynicotinate)

  Aids fat loss, controls blood sugar and cholesterol level


  Supports the function of enzymes in the body

     Powder Base

  Prebiotic and supports the immune & hormone function

You can find out more about each ingredient in MaxxiDigest Plus by clicking the photo.MaxxiDigest-Ingredients.jpg

But it's not only the mix of ingredients that makes MaxxiDigest Plus different!

One of the key ingredients in MaxxiDigest is Pediococcus acidilactici (beneficial bacteria that naturally exists in human and animal gastrointestinal (GI) tracts).

Pediococcus acidilactici is less sensitive to oxygen exposure and elevated temperature (can survive in temperature up to 65°C / 149°F) than conventional probiotic bacteria like Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus.

MaxxiDigest - pH pic.jpg

Published with permission from Imagilin Technology 

Due to its resistance to acidic environment, Pediococcus acidilactici is able to survive in the stomach's acidic environment. This allows for its safe delivery to the GI tracts for maximum health benefits.

Simply put, probiotics are not about quantity but quality. You need much less volume of Pediococcus acidilactici as they survive the acidic stomach environment and are therefore guaranteed to make it to the GI tracts for maximum health benefits.

This also means that MaxxiDigest has longer shelf life than conventional probiotics.

And that's not all…

MaxxiDigest Plus not only contains the best probiotic bacteria for pets. We guarantee 1 billion cfu of Pediococcus acidilactici per serving at the date of expiry… not only at the date of manufacturing.

We achieve this by putting minimum extra 100 mg of Pediococcus acidilactici per serving (5 g scoop) at the date of manufacturing, or total 1.5 billion cfu (50% overage).

We Never Compromise On Quality

MaxxiDigest Plus is MaxxiDog proprietary formula. MaxxiDigest is manufactured in USA, in GMP and NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) certified manufacturing facility.

All the ingredients used in MaxxiDigest are NON-GMO and of pharmaceutical human grade quality. MaxxiDigest does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or binders.

We guarantee that all the stated ingredients are present in the product at the date of manufacturing, as well as 1 billion cfu of Pediococcus acidilactici per serving at the date of expiry (minimum 50% overage).

The photo shows MaxxiDigest Certificate of Analysis for a specific manufacturing batch. It shows that MaxxiDigest Plus conforms to all product specification (microbiological, chemical contamination and amount of each ingredient). It also confirms that all production and testing documentation have been reviewed and found to be in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices Regulations (GMP).MaxxiDigest - Lot 34702 - exp 09-2017 - UK.jpg

We do not accept any manufacturing batch unless it conforms to all product specifications.

If you like to see the Certificate of Analysis for any specific batch, just Contact Us with the lot number and we will send you a copy.

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